Know more about wheat free recipes & it's starters

A wheat free diet is no easy tasks living in a world were wheat is the most pervasive food source. Itís everywhere! Not only is wheat in our breads, but in some fashion it is a part of most manufactured foods. Even comfort foods canít escape wheat and gluten. Wheat products are in most candies, and snacks, it covers our meats or is used in seasonings, its in ice creams, cookies and of course cakes. Even foods that start out wheat-free such as beans and oatmeal are not always safe and will often have to be marked gluten free to assure gluten free diets that they are safe for wheat-free diets.

A short while ago I made a field trip to a big-box grocery store to visit their gluten-free food department. They proudly took me to the wheat free or gluten free idle. From thousands of items in the store less than a hundred were wheat-free. This poses difficult challenges for wheat-free diets, but not one that canít be overcome.

In fact eating wheat-free can be fun. Besides it can easily lead to a whole new world of good taste, more vigor, healthier life styles and wellness diets.

On Nuchia Foods web site you will find a large number of wheat-free recipes of your favorite foods and more or being added daily. Plus the internet and book stores are a great source of Wheat-free eating guilds. Books range from cooking to restaurant guilds to detection of wheat intolerance.

Here are a few great starters for you: