Supercharge Your Baked Wellness Foods With Nuchia Chia Flour

Whole grain offers many attributes for health-conscious consumers who don't want to give up baked goods

Nuchia Chia Seed Flour ORLANDO, FL -- Nuchia Foods Corp. has announced the launch of Nuchia Chia Seed Flour to manufacturers of baked wellness foods to provide a superior product with numerous health-promoting attributes. The shelf-stable Nuchia Chia Seed Flour is a low-fat, gluten-free nutritionally dense flour providing significant levels of omega 3 ALA and essential minerals to the daily diet. In baked foods applications, it offers a taste and functions nearly identically similar to whole wheat; it can replace wheat, cup for cup, in recipes or be used as an ingredient to create a variety of enriched foods.

Homer L. Hartage, CEO of Nuchia Foods Corp. explains that Chia Seed Flour "has pleasant characteristics, a neutral taste and smell, and is a natural form that actually delivers commercially shelf stable omega-3 fatty acids and minerals. Diets rich in omega-3, fiber, and calcium have been shown to support healthy response to the three leading causes of death in the world today, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity."

He adds that Chia Seed Flour is not ground chia seeds -- and therefore offers new options for food manufacturer and bakeries to create heart-healthy foods; it is a natural food ingredient that offers commercial potential for the development of foods that provide significant nutritional support for wellness.

For example: two-tablespoons contains 530 milligrams (0.53 grams) of omega-3, which amounts to a full 30% of the recommended daily intake for men and 50% for women; 63 milligrams of calcium, 7 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. It also contains 12 essential minerals, making it one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world.

Nuchia Foods Corporation offers two varieties of the flour:

Nuchia 100% Chia Seed Flour - is made from only chia. Manufacturers can use it for wheat-free baking or as a food ingredient. Compared to oatmeal, it is low fat, containing only 35 calories in comparison to oatmeal's 105 calories per serving. Ingredients: Chia Max* (defatted chia seeds, omega-3, omega-6, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, chromium, niacin (B3), selenium, iron, riboflavin (B2), vitamin B6, magnesium, molybdenum, zinc, copper, thiamine (B1), folate, pantothenic acid, manganese, biotin)

Nuchia Original Chia Seed Flour - is multi-grain flour that includes organic brown rice flour and Chia flour. It is best for baking and can replace whole wheat flour cup for cup. It contains all the nutrients of the Nuchia 100% Chia Seed Flour.

Further, both varieties have neutral taste and smell, and are free of the following: gluten, wheat, sodium, sugar, GMOs and trans-fats. Each bakes and tastes almost identical to wheat.

"It has always been our goal to take Nuchia Chia Seed Flour from novelty to Main Street, and make it a staple for families everywhere," said Hartage. "Nuchia Chia Seed Flours are generating enthusiastic interest from bakers and food companies throughout the United States as well as international interest as far as United Arab Emirates, Haiti and Israel. It is generating terrific buzz due to its omega-3 and mineral dense ingredient for wellness-oriented baked convenience foods."

For product samples and pricing or more information, please contact Homer Hartage at or call 407-857-2320 ext.101; or visit

Chia Max Is the trademark of Valensa International, used under license.

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